Ingenio agent will help you avoid evil Malignus and his assistants to commit their crimes in any of the stations of the Madrid metro.

Follow the clues and solve the riddles that you sill find in Metro stations and platforms to arrive on time to help the police to arrest Malignus!

Choose your clothes, your sneakers, your hairstyle, live the adventure of Downtown and get rewards for completing missions. With them you can get very cool things in the Subway shop.

Remember! Malignus will make it more and more difficult!


Downtown is a 3D adventure game designed specifically for kids with mental disabilities and, through a classic story of cops and villains, collect everyday situations they face daily when using the metro network. The intention is to create a funny and accessible adventure game to get their attention and make them easily learn how to move in the subway..

In addition, Downtown allows them to become familiar with situations that may happen when using the subway autonomously. Alone or accompanied by professionals in the field of intellectual disability and family, the game can be used to improve the training process that enables them to move on their own by public transport and offers educators a tool for monitoring the progress of each kid separately.

This is a game for game-based learning that exploits playful aspects to reinforce the message and facilitate understanding and acceptance.

"Downtown: a subway adventure" has been developed by the CEIEC, a research institute of the University Francisco de Vitoria, with its own funding and the collaboration Down Madrid and Best Buddies España

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